Automotive Power Pusher®

The Automotive Power Pusher™  is a heavy-duty, battery-powered,  multi-use device designed to move immobilized vehicles up to 18,000 lbs. at 5% grade more efficiently by increasing productivity and reducing the risk of injury. It moves inoperable vehicles including cars, trucks and military Humvees with only two people, instead of five or six that are normally required to move them.

Practical, Powerful and Safe

  • The Automotive Power Pusher is the most efficient tool a service department or fleet can employ, not just an extra piece of equipment, it’s a working member of your team requiring little maintenance
  • It increases productivity and reduces direct labor cost on non-profitable activities, getting the job done in less time with fewer people
  • It’s ready when you are with its built-in battery charger, just plug it into a 115V outlet when not in use
  • The device is durable, mobile, fits through most standard doorways and is easily stored
  • This hardworking tug with 18,000 lb. capacity can push a vehicle up a 5% grade with its sturdy push pad
  • It creates a safer work environment for employees by reducing the risks of injury due to pushing or pulling heavy objects
  • The pusher moves most vehicles that roll – from automobiles to work trucks and military Humvees, the Automotive Power Pusher does it all

Automotive Extra Duty Unit


  • Variable Speed – Soft Touch Control
  • Capacity 18,000 lbs. – Up 5% Grade
  • Automatic Braking and Anti-Runaway
  • Continuous Duty Motor
  • One Year Warranty on All Parts
Automotive Super Power Pusher™


  • Variable Speed
  • Capacity 50,000 lbs. – Up 20% Grade
  • Automatic Braking and Anti-Runaway
  • Continuous Duty Motor
  • One Year Warranty on All Parts
  • Heavy Duty 8 Foot Quick Connect Jumper Cables
  • Tire Chains
  • Batteries (2 required)
  • Low Gearing Package with Lock-Out Hub assembly (This is required for drive on lifts)
  • Custom options available with free consultation with our engineers



Automotive PP 2

Automotive PP