E-750 Electric Wheelbarrow™

The Power Pusher E-750 Electric Wheelbarrow is designed to safely, easily transport loads weighing up to 1000 pounds. Available with a standard heavy-duty, high-density poly tub or galvanized steel tub, the motorized wheelbarrow improves safety and efficiency by eliminating challenges and unnecessary production delays that are associated with manually-operated wheelbarrows.  Designed to minimize strain, the E-750 is ergonomic and provides push-button unloading capability.

Features and Benefits

  • Available with standard heavy-duty, high-density poly tub or a galvanized steel tub to handle diverse material- handling applications, several other attachments are also available
  • The motor, powered by “2” 12-Volt Rechargeable Group 27 Deep Cycle Marine Batteries, can run five-miles on one charge
  • Hauling up to 1000 pounds increases production
  • Operating at speeds up to 4-miles-per-hour improves efficiency
  • A silent motor with zero emissions is suitable for indoor use and fits through standard doors
  • Bed capacity up to 12 cubic feet allows the hauling of large loads in one pass
  • Power dump feature allows users to eject materials with the push of a button on the control panel
  • Durable, reliable construction is suitable for rocks, bricks, sand and concrete, fertilizer, sod, soil, mulch, construction debris, feed, hay and many other materials
  • Foam filled tires, never go flat
  • Multiple standard and custom quick change attachments available

  • Load Capacity:  1000 lbs.
  • Width:  31-1/2″
  • Height:  39″
  • Length:  69″
  • Speed:  4 mph
  • Electrical:  (2) 12-Volt Rechargeable Group 27 Deep Cycle Marine Batteries
  • Battery Charger: On-Board, 3-Stage, 2×10 Amp Circuits



                                              Tub  Specifications:
Tub Type: Standard Poly Tub Galvanized Steel Tub Slurry Tub
Liquid Volume: 5 Cubic Feet 6.75 Cubic Feet   (1/4 Yard)
Solid Volume: 9 Cubic Feet 12 Cubic Feet

Quick Change Attachments

Need to add versatility to your Electric Wheelbarrow?

  • All E-750 Wheelbarrows are designed so that you can use the base machine throughout the duration of the project. This is achieved through our unique quick change attachment system.
  • Start with moving heavy material with the Galvanized Steel Tub, then by removing two quick release pins you can take the steel tub off and put on the Slurry Tub (Poly Tub with Powder-Coated Steel Rim)
  • Now that you have the Slurry Tub on, the Concrete Funnel Cap (Powder-Coated Steel) Attachment will slide right on for concrete pours.
  • Done with your concrete pour? Pull the two pins and replace the concrete tub with the Flat Bed for moving in block, boxes of tile, thin-set, tools or any other materials that require a flat surface.
  • Flat Bed (2 sizes)
    • Short 31″ wide x 38″ long
    • Long 31″wide x 48″ long
  • Or switch to the Ball Hitch
  • Why buy multiple machines when the E-750 can help you save labor and increase safety throughout the whole project.


E-750 Standard Poly Tub Unloading

E-750 Standard Poly Tub Unloading

E-750 Galvanized Steel Tub

E-750 Galvanized Steel Tub

E-750 Slurry Tub

E-750 Slurry Tub

E-750 Concrete Funnel Cap – Slides onto the Slurry Tub

E-750 Concrete Funnel Cap – Slides onto the Slurry Tub

E-750 Flat Bed – Short 38” L or Long 48” L

E-750 Flat Bed – Short 38” L or Long 48” L

E-750 Ball Hitch

E-750 Ball Hitch

E-750 Dolly/Transport Bed

E-750 Dolly/Transport Bed

E-750 Boulder/Tree Dolly

E-750 Boulder/Tree Dolly


Need an attachment that isn’t listed here? Call us and our team of engineers can assist you in getting the right tool for the job!

Concrete Gallery


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Demolition Gallery


E-750 Demolition Image

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Lawn & Landscape Gallery


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Farm Gallery


Hauling Feed by Barnyard

Dumping Feed

Though the Door

Bedding Horse Barn

Hauling Wagon

Hauling Hay by Silo

3 Bales on Short Bed

5 Feed Bags on Short Bed

Dumping After Cleaning

Feeding Horses Hay

Side by Side

Exiting Horse Stall