Super Power Pusher™

The Super Power Pusher™ has the push/pull capacity necessary to overcome extremely heavy or high rolling resistance loads, delivering the ability to maneuver virtually any industrial load. Featuring a low-maintenance design and a heavy-duty construction for extreme durability, Super Power Pusher is capable of mobilizing loads reaching up to 150,000 pounds. Plus, with its wide range of custom, modular attachments, this device is as flexible as the loads it transports.

Features and Benefits

  • 36-volt DC, 1500-watt motor provides 150,000 pounds’ push/pull capacity
  • Dual motor model available that delivers up to 250,000 pounds of push/pull capacity
  • Fully programmable control system with diagnostic features to adjust speed and acceleration/deceleration based on load and environment
  • Solid rubber wheel drive with alternative tread patterns and materials specification for various floor applications
  • Electrically powered with on-board charger for efficient, long-lasting operation
  • Fingertip controls and compact construction deliver easy maneuverability
  • Automatic braking for improved operator safety
  • Ergonomic handles and hand guards for operator comfort

Motor type: 36 Volt DC – 1500W
Drive mechanism: 2 x Chain & Sprocket
Gearbox: Single speed reduction gearbox with differential
Controller: Digital, fully programmable with fault diagnostic facility
Batteries: 3 x 90 Ah Dryfit, Gel Type. Sealed & maintenance free
Battery charger: On Board, 3 Stage, 3 x 15 Amp Output 110v or 240v
Push / Pull Capacity: Up to 100,000 lbs. (Subject to rolling resistance)


  • Maintenance Free Batteries
  • Motion Alert Beeper
  • Motion Strobe Light
  • Remote Control
  • High Traction and Non-Marking Tires
  • Stainless Steel
  • Fold Up Handles For Smaller Footprint
  • Custom Attachments


Super PP 4

Super PP 5

Super PP 2

Super PP 7

Super PP

Super PP Lear 4